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Peoplelogic Winter '22 (aka Release 42)

Better known as the answer to life, the universe and everything - our latest makes it faster than ever to get from insight to action for your organization's engagement and health - with no surveys required!




Organize Your Team Just The Way You Want

Creating Departments effectively introduces the ability to nest multi-level teams and managers to include an aggregated view of key metrics, ONA graphs, and StayFactor scores. Company admins can now see a combined view of their organization by departments, teams, and employees.

Screen Shot 2022-12-01 at 4.05.39 PM.png

Keep Peoplelogic In Sync with Your Office 365 Groups

Automatically keep your employee roster up to date in when connected to O365. You can now sync to O365 so that when a new work email is created, the platform will automatically create the new employee in PL. It will also deactivate the employee when they exit the org (and the O365 email becomes deactivated).

Streamlined User Experience

You spoke, we listened. We've been working to improve the user experience for all current and future customers. In our last release we introduced an entirely new experience for Peoplelogic - focused on delivering faster insights and bringing to life the underlying Graph that powers the entire platform. In this release, we've continued our emphasis on experience - listening to our customers and reducing the number of clicks you need to do take to do any particular action in Peoplelogic.

Additionally, we've dramatically improved the performance of the entire system - with special emphasis on the engine that powers single source of truth for all metrics, the graph and insights dashboards. With these changes, we're well positioned to scale to ever larger customers!

StayFactor & Reporting Improvements

Our Data Science Team has been working to increase the usefulness of our aggregated data. Including the following:

  • ONA Insights: Good communication and connectivity usually represent better engagement. We've improved the ONA to help customers identify key influencers, bridges, and critical points of communication.
  • Work-life Balance: Considering the different balances between companies, team, and policies sheds more insight into how it might contribute to burnout and StayFactor levels.
  • Job Title Categories/Responsibilities: Events and signals have different impacts on the productivity, engagement, and StayFactor levels depending on job titles and roles.

Updated GDPR Data Processing Addendum

Furthering our commitment to data privacy and compliance, we achieved SOC2 Type 2 compliance over the summer. Additionally, there have continued to be changes to the EU data privacy laws and we have updated our Data Processing Agreement to account for the latest changes for both the EU and the UK. Finally, we have removed Stream from our sub-processors and will be adding in Q1.




More than 100 bug fixes including improvements to the Insights query language, improvements to the focused hours and focused events graphs, and an improved ability to lookup employees when there are several with the same name.


Up Next


What's coming next?

This release built the foundation for some very exciting changes coming for our Spring '23 release. Be sure to keep an eye out for the following as we start to release some of the early changes to customers:

  • 100+ New CRM, Ticket and HRIS integrations.
  • Greatly improved alerts for anomalies in your data
  • The return of notifications and in-app alerts
  • Deeper insights into the impact of changes within StayFactor
  • New Mobile friendly interface