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Peoplelogic Spring '22 Release




New Graph, StayFactor and Experiences

With Spring '22 we have released a whole host new features, an entirely new experiences,

New Features

  • New solution-based offerings for Sales and Engineering teams.
  • Entirely re-imagined new experiences for managers, teams, employees and c-suite
  • New, more intuitive navigation
  • New Graph Visualization surfacing where proximity of team and team member connections where you can surface where people and process come together.
  • New Graph navigation, so you can journey across your teams and employees across the strength of their connections.
  • Surface efficacy of people and process connections, relative to the proximity of teams and team members
  • Understand outliers and member
  • New StayFactor experience and with trends.
  • Lexi Usability Improvements
  • Performance Improvements Across The Board
  • New signals around Engineering Insights
  • New Event and User API Ingest -> Our ability for our customer to absorb any and all data to us – in cloud or on prem.